Why bother with Intuition?

If intuition can’t forecast the future, what’s the point? Why bother with this site, why bother getting better at it?

I believe intuition is a valuable component in decision making, and one that’s been ignored for too long. With that tool in our kit bag alongside more traditional approaches, I believe we can make better decisions.

I believe we feel better when we allow ourselves to tune in to our intuition. It is good for our health, both physical and emotional.

Why not investigate how to get better at it? Hence my hobby these past few years, and this web site.

Talking about intuition is all well and good, but sometimes we need calibration or reassurance that we’re on the right track.

Some people are better at intuition than others – either due to natural ability, practice, or lifestyle.

When you want a second opinion, I’d recommend having a reading/consultation from a professional intuitive. A good intuitive will help you understand what strongly resonates for you, and then you can proceed with confidence. I’d like to help with that from a business context, and encourage you to talk with others for personal aspects.

Just don’t expect anyone to forecast the future 🙂


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