Contempt vs Curiosity at Work

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I believe there are moments that happen every day in organisations, moments that dramatically undermine a company’s success, but are hardly noticed.  That moment is when innovation and creativity is crushed beneath contempt, rather than fertilised by curiosity. Contempt is the hidden killer of success and yet we’re all guilty. I was attending a course, and there was a comment made … Read More

The Damage Financial Markets do

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We have a long-standing customer in a mature industry. They have been a delight to work with – challenging but interesting, the people we work with have been great, and from a commercial perspective they’ve been firm but fair. We’ve really enjoyed working with them. A few years ago a hedge fund took a large position in them, with the … Read More

A case study of using my intuition

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I had a really good intuitive experience a few weeks ago and thought it would helpful to write it up. It isn’t particularly notable from my perspective, but does serve as a nice example of how things work. The problem In the “day job” we’ve been working in the same industry for nearly 20 years. At one level things haven’t … Read More

How to measure success

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For some reason we’re in a place as a society where success is generally measured by money – I disagree but we are where we are. That view that “success = money” then means that people running companies use often money as their primary guide post – again, I disagree but I have other guides to rely on 🙂 I … Read More