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I have a conventional job so I don’t have the opportunity to do as many consults/readings as I’d like. Whilst I get to use my intuition a lot in my day job, I still want to work with other people.

So at the moment I am offering free 30-minute sessions for people who are going through, or considering, a career transition. Not just another job, but a new career, or business venture – threshold moments. I’ve been there myself and I know that a little extra reinforcement can make all the difference – and where better to get that than your higher self and guides?

If you’re thinking of starting something new, and want to have a chat, follow the wizard below.

If that doesn’t suit, I’ve got some recommendations of people you can talk to.

If we know each other, I’m not going to read for you for good reasons. However, I have pre-purchased a load of readings with Christine Pavlina for friends & family – ping me and I’ll tell you more.

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