My journey here is fairly straightforward; I wanted to get better at making decisions, and it has always struck me that the Western world is often overly formulaic about decision making and neglectful of people’s intuition. You can read a bit more about this here.

When I first started reading around the world of Intuition and other “weird” stuff, I found it really helpful to understand other people’s journeys – where they came from, and how they ended up where they are. So the first thing I’d like to share is my story, in the hope that not only will it help you understand where I am coming from, explain things to my friends – but also help people understand it all a little bit.

This site is a bit of a hobby – I’ve written a bit about my hopes for what this site can do. Mainly, I’m just trying to open minds.

I’ve also benefited tremendously from the efforts and direct assistance of others – I’m a lucky guy. Many people are fearful about mentioning anything “strange” to their friends and family; I’ve been fortunate to have been (mostly) encouraged. So I thought it was right to mention at least a few of those who have helped me so far.

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