What if… we listened?

So much of Western business culture is about analysing, planning, execution.

What would happen if we stopped pretending to know everything, and opened ourselves up?

What would happen if we listened? – to inner selves, our intuition, and maybe even The Universe?

My Story

I never imagined my life would lead to this; with a Masters in Engineering, co-founding and then leading a scientific software company for over 12 years, I was the total rationalist.

And that’s the problem. I ended up here because I wanted to get better at what I did, and in that journey I realised what I have been doing wasn’t what I thought. After a good long while trying to wrestle with the implications of that – here I am.

My intention is to help you down this path too, if you want to. To shorten the learning curve, provide information and pointers to where you can learn more, and the validation/coaching you might need.

But above all, in being public I hope to give you permission to think about yourself, and decision making, in a new way.

If that leads you to a new appreciation of life too, that would be just lovely.

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