My Hopes for Intuition in Business

I’ve had an interesting few years; so the first thing I’d like to do is shorten the learning and acceptance curve for anyone else. I really hope I help people say “Me too”, even if only to themselves. I believe we all have things in our lives we could describe as “Psychic” – I’m just paying attention to it.

More generally I’d posit that a very scientific, rational, intellectual style of thinking has led us a bit astray. But at the same time the “New Age” world has lost the ability to talk with the man/woman on the street.

Trouble is, both are right. And the really good people on both sides know that.

I’d like to bridge that gap, just a little bit.

Partly I’d like to show by doing – to show you can run a company on commercially realistic basis yet do it with compassion and respect for all the stakeholders. And perhaps share some of the more interesting things we do which I think make a difference to my company.

I’d also like to make things more accessible by summarising some of the more whacky stuff I’ve read, but also by showing how it is relevant to “the real world”.

Finally – I like helping people. So I want to do that, too.

But before we get onto that, I need to say “Thank you” to the people who have helped me this far…

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