Can Psychics Predict the Future?

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One piece of the baggage that comes with the “Psychic” word, and why I vastly prefer “Intuition” is that people think psychics can predict the future and indeed some psychics actively encourage this belief. What a load of nonsense. It is just marketing spin, in the same way that that shampoo is going to make your hair all silky smooth … Read More

That “Psychic” word

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I’ve had a bit of a quandary for a while around the use of the term “Psychic”. “Psychic” carries so much baggage. Generally we associate the term with someone who is either completey unhinged, or cycnically exploiting people – or both. And is generally very, very strange. My prefered term is “Intuition” and “Intuitive” because that more accurately describes what’s … Read More

Pinpoint used as a case study!

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The branding firm who did the work for Pinpoint, my Intuition-based Business Consultancy, used the work they did for us as part of their latest marketing mailshot which arrived today. How cool is that! Really must get on with finishing that web site 🙂