AJ The Sage – 4 Tips for Empaths

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There’s lots of spiritual/psychic people on YouTube with videos on stuff – Christine Pavlina is one of my favourites. I’m also really enjoying AJ – he’s got a completely different delivery from most people in this space but his message is consistent and concise. Awesome. Wish I’d heard this 30 years ago. And yes, I’ve found myself doing all of … Read More

Erin Pavlina’s Professional Intuitive course

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The more time that passes since I did Erin Pavlina’s professional intuitives course, the more I realise how well thought out it was, and how powerful. People wanted to know what it was like… Once you’ve been accepted, Erin sends you a bunch of audio files to listen to. Apparently she used to talk through this background stuff during the … Read More