Erin Pavlina’s Professional Intuitive course

The more time that passes since I did Erin Pavlina’s professional intuitives course, the more I realise how well thought out it was, and how powerful. People wanted to know what it was like…

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Once you’ve been accepted, Erin sends you a bunch of audio files to listen to. Apparently she used to talk through this background stuff during the course, but it is more efficient to do it before and make the best use of the face-to-face time. This worked really well for me – plus I’ve gone back and re-listened to it since.

The topics are things like the 4 Clairs, how to give a reading etc. I really enjoyed listening to them – she came over as enthusiastic and fun, without being crazy-American-marketing-type. Plus there’s lots of anecdotes which help ground things.

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So first day of the course, which is held in Erin’s house – a bit of a shock to my business brain which thought that courses run in conference rooms. But it worked really well and quite probably wouldn’t have worked as well anywhere else.

First day we practiced readings. Look at a photo, do a Chakra reading on the person. But we didn’t actually talk to anyone.

This first day was all about confidence. We weren’t being taught how to “be intuitive” we were being given the confidence to listen to our intuition. It was quite amazing how we’d all get similar things from the same photo, especially as we hadn’t been given any hints or training.

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Second day, we did phone readings. All the clients were volunteers, Erin’s friends and/or previous graduates of the course. So whilst we felt tremendous pressure, it was a lot of fun and people were very understanding and encouraging. I’ve since been a volunteer on phone day and it is a real pleasure.

Readings start out with a Chakra reading which is just a way of warming up and zooming in on the person. Then you deal with whatever issues the client wants to discuss. All the time you’re looking for feedback from the client (“does that resonate?”) to check you’re going in the right direction, because you can some times have got the right message but are slightly off on the subject.

One tricky area is specialised subject domains – if you don’t have the words even though you’re getting stuff it is difficult to talk about a specific issue, and you end up relying on the client to orient you. This is one reason why I want to specialise in business and technology, because I know the subject domain and hence can easily talk the language.

I noticed that not only was Erin encouraging us to listen to our intuition, she was also getting us to phrase things carefully and responsibility. Which I found relatively easy due to my high verbal and regular practice at work – but it was still interesting. So you wouldn’t say “What I’m getting is that you should quit your job”, you’d say something like “What they’re saying is they’d like to consider your current job and if it is the right place for you”. Just softening things a bit, being not being absolute.

[custom_headline type=”left” level=”h4″ looks_like=”h4″]Day 3 – In Person Readings[/custom_headline]
Third and final day… in person readings. I have never, in all my days, been so nervous – especially as my client was Steve Pavlina, who is someone I’d be intimidated by in person anyway. Fortunately it went really well 🙂

The last bit of the third day was about running a business which wasn’t so relevant from my perspective but Erin was very generous in talking about what has worked for her and hasn’t. Which sounds corny but that’s a huge difference I’ve seen with genuine intuitives – they’re all really nice, kind, generous people. Such a change from the other vendors in my day job!

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So all in all, the course was fascinating. The other people on the course were a delight to meet, too. And totally opened my eyes in a way that I never expected.

I suspect if I read something like this I wouldn’t believe it. But I was there, and not only saw it with my own eyes – I did it.


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