Thoughts on Launch Day

So today is my 45th Birthday, and I’m going to “launch” this site with the simple act of posting it to Facebook in a kind of “full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes” approach 🙂

I don’t really think I’ve changed all that much, really – but I have figured out a lot more about myself and how I work at my best. I’m just better at being me.

If only for my own sanity, I need to talk about that – about Intuition, how I use it, and what it means. Frankly it needs talking about generally because we’ve really lost the plot.

Also on my mind is that my mother was diagnosed with a rather nasty neurological disease when she was my age, and after a dignified, courageous fight died 7 years later. With that example, how can I possibly run away from speaking my truth?

I’m not sure what’s going to happen now. It could very well be that nothing happens, because few people see the Facebook post. A few people might unfriend me because I’ve clearly gone nuts!

But a few people will go “Thanks for mentioning that, really made me think”. And that will be awesome.

I’ve got a load more stuff to write which I’ll do gradually over the next few months. And when the day job calms down I’ll figure out how to offer some services. Until then, please do sign up to the mailing list, like the Facebook page, or follow on Twitter.

Thank you for reading. I hope it is interesting and do let me know what you think.


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