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There's lots of intuitives around, providing readings and training courses over The Internet. Generally these are one-person "micro businesses" and something like compliance with the GDPR can appear to be a little daunting. It isn't helped that there's so much content around the GDPR, some of which is wrong, and some of which isn't that relevant. 

So I'm going to do a series of four videos looking at the GDPR from the perspective of a small one-person intuitive business based in the US with perhaps 10% of their customers based in the EU. That business still needs to be compliant with the GDPR we can radically simplify what needs to be done.

The videos are:

  1. A general introduction
  2. A look at a "Data Inventory"
  3. Changes you need to make to your web site
  4. Improving your Internet security 

I've done the first two and they're embedded on this page. I'm going to wait a week or so to do the third one because there's a Wordpress upgrade coming which might make things significantly easier. 

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If you aren't a one-person company delivering pyschic readings over the Internet please understand I'm making some radical assumptions which might not hold for your situation. But I hope you find this entertaining all the same!


The Data Inventory

I was able to massively simplify the data inventory because my friends' intuitive businesses are relatively simple, and I wanted to make the GDPR approachable.

Please be aware that those simplifications might not be appropriate for you!

Here's a link to my Data Inventory on Google Docs. You can copy that to your Google Drive or download and edit in Word.

Remember the data inventory is meant to be a living document; just by starting you're making a massive improvement to your GDPR situation and how you treat your customers' data.

If you can't figure something out, skip over it and come back to it in a month; vendors are still evolving their GDPR story and if it isn't clear now, they might well have documented it properly in a few weeks. 

What Next

If we know each other and you want to discuss this in more detail please do get in touch via whatever messaging system we use. 

Otherwise - there's lots and lots of support and discussion groups around for the GDPR. I'd recommend buying Suzanne's pack as it is the most practical approach I've seen. There's an excellent (if busy!) Facebook group as well. 

In the meantime I'll get on with the other 2 videos!

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  1. This is such a generous thing to be doing, Simon! I’ll be passing your links on to people I think would benefit – but what I really wanted to say is how good it is to find someone like yourself and your team.

    We’re working in very similar ways, I think. I’m a life-long intuitive and a scientist. I think we ignore our intuition to our detriment. And I’ve been doing something about it for a while = 20-odd years, in fact. I won’t try and explain it all, but just give you links to my websites, so that you can go and look if you feel it’s the thing to do. My blog site starts here: and this is ‘business-aimed’ site: This is where I reach out to individuals:

    And if you don’t contact me, that’s fine too. I just wanted to hi-five you for what you’re doing. It’s good.

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