In a Nutshell

A decision needs to be made. We start thinking about it, considering it. Looking at the evidence.

In the moments between realising we need to make a decision, and “thinking”… we all get “stuff” – we might call it a “hunch”, a “feeling”, or a “gut instinct”.

That’s what this site is about.

Our culture tells us we should be “rational” and think carefully about things, in a structured, predictable way.

What about the stuff before we “think”? Is that useful?

I’d say yes. In fact, this entire site is all about getting better at listening to what you get before you “think”.

There’s many theories about where that stuff comes from – experience, intuition, The Universe, whatever you want. I don’t really mind what your view is, it doesn’t really matter.

What I’d like to encourage you to do is listen to it, because I think it is a useful counterweight to the “rational” school of decision making which sometimes works – but doesn’t always. One only has to look at the financial crisis to see that.

If we’re to listen to that stuff, we’ve got three problems to examine:

  • How to get more “stuff”
  • How to recognise the “stuff” that’s useful
  • How to know when the “stuff” isn’t real, and keep grounded

And that’s what this site hopes to help us all explore.

Read a bit more about my story and how I ended up here…

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