Book Summaries and Reviews

One of the problems I had when exploring this stuff was that a lot of material was (quite frankly) off-putting. The language used was just plain weird, some of the ideas discussed were preposterous, and there was little context to tie it all together. Most things were aimed at people who were already a “believer” and very little was targeted at “normal” but curious people.

So over the next few months/years I’m going to go through some of the books and web sites that I’ve found helpful, and summarise them with some additional context. Hopefully this will lower the barriers for others.

I’m a fairly skeptical reader but at the same time open minded; so I’ll take what I can from a particular book, embracing what resonates and discarding what doesn’t. I figure everyone is speaking their truth, but that doesn’t have to be my truth.

These reviews/summaries will be published as blog posts so if you subscribe to the email list, you’ll be notified of new ones.

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