Recommendations for Readings

The Intuition Industry – Psychics, Mediums etc. – is horridly polluted. You’ve got everything from nutters, to get-rich-quick schemes cynically preying on the impressionable and vulnerable, and of course the well meaning but slightly deluded.

And then there are the people who are just trying to bring their gift to the world – with integrity.

People I’d recommend

If you want to talk with someone, I’d strongly recommend:

Both ladies have a range of offerings from email readings to phone readings. They have different styles and are equally awesome.

Things to avoid

I’d avoid the psychic phone lines. Ug. Horrible idea. Even if the “psychic” is real, I’m not sure how they make that work (I couldn’t). And what a conflict of interest, being paid by the minute? Even if they psychic is real and gifted this is a terrible, terrible way to get advice. I’d say “burn your money instead” but these phone lines are worse because they give false readings. Friends don’t let friends use these kinds of services, frankly.

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