Why bother with Intuition?

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If intuition can’t forecast the future, what’s the point? Why bother with this site, why bother getting better at it? I believe intuition is a valuable component in decision making, and one that’s been ignored for too long. With that tool in our kit bag alongside more traditional approaches, I believe we can make better decisions. I believe we feel … Read More

That “Psychic” word

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I’ve had a bit of a quandary for a while around the use of the term “Psychic”. “Psychic” carries so much baggage. Generally we associate the term with someone who is either completey unhinged, or cycnically exploiting people – or both. And is generally very, very strange. My prefered term is “Intuition” and “Intuitive” because that more accurately describes what’s … Read More

FAQ: The experience of deliberately using intuition

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I thought it would be interesting for people if I tried to explain what it is like when I’m “being intuitive”. When I’m doing business stuff, both normal work and consultations, it feels very normal. That isn’t too surprising because this has been going on to a greater or lesser extent all my life. The only thing that’s really changed … Read More