FAQ: The experience of deliberately using intuition

I thought it would be interesting for people if I tried to explain what it is like when I’m “being intuitive”.

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When I’m doing business stuff, both normal work and consultations, it feels very normal. That isn’t too surprising because this has been going on to a greater or lesser extent all my life. The only thing that’s really changed is I have more confidence to say what pops into my head – I might be gentle about saying it sometimes, because you have to speak in a way that can be listened to, but generally there’s not much of a filter between what I intuitively “get” and what I say.

I get the same thing when writing or coming up with product ideas. I appreciate that might be what people view as “flow” or general creativity.

Note I’m not always plugged into my intuition; one of the things I’m working hard on getting better at is knowing when I am or not, and also how to be “on” more often.

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When I’m doing an Intuitive Reading, where the context of the discussion is that someone has explicitly asked me to channel stuff… that’s a whole other story, and in truth I still find it both amazing and slightly out of my comfort zone.

Literally what I am doing is saying whatever comes into your head without any filter. The subject matter is something I have no knowledge of and is often quite personal. And yet I just talk, the client’s mind is generally blown, and they wander off as happy as can be.

Which is completely against my education and upbringing. I was told I shouldn’t talk confidently about things I don’t know anything about, I shouldn’t advise someone I don’t know on their personal life, I should carefully consider my words, etc.

So it’s quite a blast. Plus doing it gives me a sense of massive wellbeing and contentment – the more I do it, the more connected I feel, and the more connected I feel the nicer the world is and the more peaceful my soul.

(little secret – often doing an Intuitive reading is as good for the Intuitive as it is for the client. We really do get high from it.)

Intuitive readings are also the hardest, most exhausting thing I have ever done in my life. It isn’t physical or mental exhaustion, something different.

I appreciate this could alarm some people, especially my more scientific friends. Talking about something you know nothing about must, by definition be dangerous?

Except that when I did this with a bunch of other psychics, we all got similar stuff just by looking at someone’s photo. And that didn’t happen once, it happened every time we did it. That was what convinced me this is real.

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One caveat – “listening to your intuition” could very easily lead to either madness/depression/anxiety or a load of really stupid decisions. That’s why it is important if you want to both develop your Intuitive ability to also get grounded, know when you’re getting stuff or not, and how to work responsibly with what you get.


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