Thank you

It has been quite a journey, and I’ve frequently got just the right help at just the right moment. This support has been so crucial that it feels right to mention it here.

There’s always a danger that I’ll forget someone, so let me apologise up front for any omissions. But I didn’t want to let that fear prevent me from acknowledging at least some of the people who were kind to me.

My Calm Companion – Your support, encouragement, and then validation was immeasurably important in the early days when I could have so easily pretended it was all nonsense. We learned so much. I am deeply, deeply grateful (you are still utterly impossible though!).

My wife Allison – I’m still the geek you married, I just mellowed a bit. Thank you for letting me evolve, and loving me all the same.

My awesome PA Elly, who discretely enabled my adventures and has been uncritically supportive ever since – even though we’re clearly going down the rabbit hole, clutching our Apple Watch – if only so it records our exercise!

My colleagues – yeah, you’re still here. That means so much to me. Plus you tolerate and indulge a CEO who is increasingly exploring the boundaries of convention – I hope you are enjoying the ride, and I deeply appreciate your trust. I hope I measure up.

Erin Pavlina – without Erin I’d never have had a reading and got curious, I’d never had done the course and discovered myself.

My friends, who when I mention all this weird stuff have been more than supportive. Especially Cat who opened her home to me and enabled my Las Vegas trip, that was an awesome gift.

Caitlin –  your nonchalant response was just what I needed, and your ongoing gentle encouragement has been just as I’d like.

Ems – calm support from an old school friend was just what I needed when I thought I was going losing the plot. I didn’t become a nurse but that’s probably for the best.

Those I’ve mentioned all this stuff to (friends, customers, and indeed strangers) and have, in their own way, gone “Me too”. Wow. Such a privilege. Let’s start a movement!

Christine Pavlina – your journey has inspired mine, and to make it better you’ve managed to say just the right things, at just the right time.

My parents, who blessed me with their essence and a wonderful upbringing, and encourage me with their presence even now.

My Sister, who I should say got all of this a lot earlier than I. How many big brothers get so much encouragement?

Finally – the Universe – It’s all rather exciting isn’t it?

I know this might appear to be my story, but it isn’t really. It is all our story. I’m just one of many.

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