The need for intuition in Business

I got a lovely message from my sister today, who has just proofread this site before it launches.

It nicely encapsulates the what and why of this site, so I asked her if I could post it.

She has just moved with her family to Dharamsala, which is why she just happened upon the Dalai Lama.

My sister and I communicate infrequently – she’s not lived in the UK for 20 years and for most of that has been in places so remote that communication has been impossible. We were polar opposites when she left – now we’re converging rapidly, without really discussing it. Fascinating!

We need people to bridge the gap as you say between the business world and the “new age” for want of a better world.

Intuitive decision making will never lead to decisions that cause harm because it just doesn’t work like that, when we connect to source, higher self, God, dog or whatever, we are connecting with infinite love which is our true nature.

A world where corporations make their decisions in this way and not decisions based on increasing profits would look very different from what we see around us now. A society of peace, compassion for all and respect for the planet. No violence, no wars, only kindness. A happier world.

We absolutely need the message of compassion in business to get out there, because somehow greed became not only acceptable but something of a respected “moral”stance even.

We need to see that compassion and a resistance to the consumerist world of chasing money at any cost is not a weakness but a strength.

Yesterday as I was walking through the forest someone asked me if I wanted to see the Dalai Lama. “Why not” so off we went down the path. When we got there sitting beside HH was Desmond Tutu. These men have been the voice of reason, compassion and peace for about the past fifty years or so. But they are both getting on now and it made me think that things work differently now.

With the Information Age, we no longer need these goliaths. Many of us are sending ripples out to our communities. This is what’s going to change the world.

And I think a tipping point is coming. The hundredth monkey phenomena.

You have had the courage to stand up and speak your truth, thats a wonderful thing. I salute you!

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  1. Hi Simon! Good for you, I read a lot before I got to the bit where you acknowledged that this looks like a path your sister had already trod, if in a different way! Respect!!

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