Can Psychics Predict the Future?

One piece of the baggage that comes with the “Psychic” word, and why I vastly prefer “Intuition” is that people think psychics can predict the future and indeed some psychics actively encourage this belief.

What a load of nonsense. It is just marketing spin, in the same way that that shampoo is going to make your hair all silky smooth and you’ll look effortlessly glamorous all the time.

The reason I’m so sure psychics can’t predict the future is that even if only a very few people could predict the future, then you’d see at least some of the following happen:

  • It would be a skill you could put on your resumé and it would be actively sought out.
  • Psychics would be banned from all sorts of events and activities.
  • Armies would have weaponised it.
  • Politicians would boast about their psychic ability (even if they didn’t have any).
  • There would be lots of academic research into how and why it happens.
  • An awful lot of the financial instruments we rely on wouldn’t work (insurance, futures contracts, options, etc.)

None of this happens.

From my own experience using my intuition, I’ve never got anything predicts the future. I get nudges, hints, suggestions, warnings, but nothing I’d feel safe calling a prediction.

If you see someone claiming to be able to predict the future, they’re cynically exploiting your vulnerability. If during a reading you get definite predictions, I’d say that is at best a mis-read by the person doing the reading – or, you as the client are desperately seeking certainty.

What a good intuitive can and will do is give you more context, a higher perspective. And what they say will resonate with you.

Erin Pavlina said this in a Facebook post:
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When you receive information, whether it comes from a dream, a person, someone you hate, someone you love, someone you don’t even know, what you want to do is exactly the same thing. You want to ask yourself, “Does this resonate with me?”

If it does, weave it into your life tapestry. If it doesn’t, throw it out.

Also, just because you love what your source says one day doesn’t mean you have to accept or resonate with everything they say. The source of information or experience is just the delivery system. Look at what you received and decide if it’s something you want to take into you or something you want to leave behind.

[ snip ]

Your heart and your intuition are your filters. If it resonates with you, keep it. If the information didn’t resonate, let it pass. No one can deceive you if you allow your own internal guidance to filter the information you receive.

Be open minded, but don’t take what one person says as gospel. Allow yourself to take what feels right for you, and leave the rest.
I can’t figure out how to link to the Erin’s Facebook post directly but this is her Facebook Page.


2 thoughts on “Can Psychics Predict the Future?”

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  2. I don’t necessarily think that psychics can predict the future, or else they would all be predicting next week’s lottery numbers. I agree with you that psychics can help give you context and and a higher perspective to whatever issues are going on with your life. Anyone that is expecting a psychic to tell them exactly what their future holds for them is going to be disappointed in the end.

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