AJ The Sage – 4 Tips for Empaths

There’s lots of spiritual/psychic people on YouTube with videos on stuff – Christine Pavlina is one of my favourites.

I’m also really enjoying AJ – he’s got a completely different delivery from most people in this space but his message is consistent and concise. Awesome. Wish I’d heard this 30 years ago.

And yes, I’ve found myself doing all of what he recommends, accidentally and before I saw this video, and it all goes towards a massive improvement in quality of life:

  1. Pick the people around you carefully, and pick your friends wisely.
  2. Ground yourself. I never understood this… thought it was bonkers. But now I walk my dog by The Thames every day. Plus I try to meditate every day.
  3. Stay positive… 3 Things before bed really helps for this.
  4. Cleansing… as part of meditation. As he says – “Meditation is the ultimate life hack”.

Interesting how I’ve got to the same place he recommends… but he says it with style!

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