Why I Don’t Read for Friends

There’s two problems when reading for friends…

Firstly, my dominant Clair is Claircognizant – “Clear Knowing”. Which means I get thoughts. If I’m reading someone I don’t know then it is easy for me to know what I’m “getting” is decent, because I’ve got no other basis for a strong feeling.

But if I know you, there’s going to be other stuff going on – my stuff. With time it is quite probable I’ll get better at distinguishing this, but for now it is a lot easier not having to. I talk about this a bit in my post about what it’s like to use my intuition

Secondly, and more seriously… if we’ve got a wider relationship then you’re going to have expectations of me outside of that reading. And with the best will in the world what happens in the reading is going to affect our relationship going forward.

For example, if I get that your marriage is basically screwed and you need to leave your partner – that’s a kind of tricky thing to have to say to someone. And it’ll be hard for you to disassociate that from me as a person – you’ll likely be quite upset with me.

So generally, I don’t formally read for friends. There’s plenty of other intuitives around who are much better than me who will give you an excellent reading on whatever matters you might have on your mind.

Having said that – of course I use my Intuition in day-to-day conversations. But I use it less consciously and will use what I get in the context of the conversation, quite often in a very gentle way. What might be delivered in 15 minutes in a reading might take a few years in a friendship.

Which gives you an idea of the power of a good reading; it really is a dense download.

But if we know each other… and you want a formal reading… it is better for everyone if you worked with some of the other gifted and expert intuitives around like Erin or Christine.

Of course, I’m happy to do readings of other people for friends, e.g. during a recruitment process. The concern is directly reading someone I know well or have a wider relationship with.

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