FAQ: The experience of deliberately using intuition

I thought it would be interesting for people if I tried to explain what it is like when I’m “being intuitive”. [custom_headline type=”left” level=”h3″ looks_like=”h3″]Normal Life[/custom_headline] When I’m doing business stuff, both normal work and consultations, it feels very normal. That isn’t too surprising because this has been going on to a greater or lesser …

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Pinpoint used as a case study!

The branding firm who did the work for Pinpoint, my Intuition-based Business Consultancy, used the work they did for us as part of their latest marketing mailshot which arrived today. How cool is that! Really must get on with finishing that web site 🙂  

The Power of a Puppy

Almost exactly at the time everything happened which pushed me to do this, we got a puppy – Thor. He’s been a delightful distraction, inspiration, and metaphor. He’s massively curious and unfailingly enthusiastic. He’s adventurous. Granted, he doesn’t get too far from his pack, but he’ll still have a go, and his range extends with every …

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