Intuition and Office Atmosphere

Watching Christine Pavlina‘s video below, I’m struck by how strongly I view humour and silliness as an important indicator of a healthy office culture.

Apparently this is very strange, most office are very quiet and formal. And the atmosphere is often very stressed.

I wonder if that’s not one of many reasons why it is hard to tap into Intuition in the workplace. The environment just kills any possible connection you might be able to make.

Which might be one reason why I’ve managed to increase my intuition at work – because I have a good deal of control over the environment and culture. Interestingly I have noticed things change (either positively or negatively) when certain people are present. Having a larger office really helps with that, as I can now escape to a different space and tune anything negative out.

Also, I always enjoy Christine’s videos. Her readings are fun too. Enjoy…

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