Clean Language and the Adoption Lifecycle

There’s been some discussion in the Clean Language groups about how to promote Clean. I see Clean as a disruptive innovation, and as such you can use various frameworks from the Technology sector for inspiration.

One that I’m particularly fond of is the Technology Adoption Lifecycle popularised by Geoffrey Moore.

Rather than write a long post about it, I thought I’d dry doing a video… this is my first attempt at doing something like this and I’d really appreciate feedback.


1 thought on “Clean Language and the Adoption Lifecycle”

  1. Thank you Simon,

    I had been familiarized with this model through The Influencer and I have learned so much more from your presentation. I love your examples, making it easy to grasp and how your have applied it to how we might use this kind of thinking with clean facilitation and training.

    It is also really helpful in how one might find their niche through the use of previous clients and being clear we are still in the early adoption stage. This is the stage where one just needs to hang in and sort for those who are interested.

    I agree, it is not a time for competition. Very interesting point about the use of terminology to help create the branding (global tipping of recognition).

    Super presentation Simon.

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