Christine Pavlina’s Story

One of the things I’m hoping to do with this site is to encourage people to get in touch with their psychic intuition. Based on what people have said to me privately, I think there’s a lot of people who would love to be able to be open about their intuitive experiences and views but are afraid to be so for fear of being judged.

So much of life, especially the “rational” business and STEM-centric areas I hang out in, disregard intuition out of hand. I find this hugely damaging both in terms of good decision making, and also “doing the right thing”. The culture is so hostile to intuitive-based decision making that individuals daren’t really consider it let alone talk about it.

My good friend Christine Pavlina has done the journey from buttoned-down marketing executive to professional intuitive. It’s been a long, lonely road at times – I feel fortunate that I haven’t had to do what she’s been asked to do! But she’s happier and healthier as a result, and as well as bringing comfort and light into people’s lives through readings, she’s got a really interesting YouTube channel.

Anyway, she made this video chronicling her experience to date. She’s the extreme, having turned her life upside down, and been called to stick her neck out pretty far on a number of subjects.

(As a channel, you don’t get to pick your subjects or censor for what you think might look good, you just say what you get – and that’s as true when giving a private reading as it is when making a YouTube video.)

When I talk to Christine and understand where she’s come from and where she is now, it makes me realise what whilst this isn’t an easy journey, it is a worthwhile one. However nervous I’ve been about people’s reactions – my journey is comparatively easy compared to what some have.

Anyway, I hope you find Christine’s journey as interesting/inspiring as I do.

If you want to contact Christine, her site is

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