Being Scientific

I’m an Engineer by background so naturally want to know how things work, as well as work off evidence rather than suspicion or faith.

So I’m drawn to to scientific side of the intuitive/psy community – and my, there’s a lot about.

Remote Viewing, Telepathy, Mediums, Near Death Experiences, Remote Healing, Astral Projection, Reincarnation and Past Life Regression – to name but a few. They don’t just have one or two books written by a lone scientist in the field – there’s entire bookshelves. Proper science. Published papers in conventional journals.

Meanwhile we have the physicists going as far as they can into figuring out how everything is stuck together, and they find that ultimately Quantum Physics leads us to similar places. They’re a bit shy about it, but there’s plenty of stuff around.

I’m not saying it is all true; I’m not saying there aren’t people pushing an agenda to serve their own interests.

What I am saying is that there’s enough proper science out there that you can’t say “It isn’t proven” or “It’s not scientific”. That’s nonsense, and quite frankly indefensible based on the evidence.

We’ve only just begun to understand it all – it is a very new, underfunded and strange field. And it is such a shame it isn’t more vigorously pursued.

Isn’t it weird that there is good, solid evidence for the existence of Higher Power, and of Life after Death – and as a society we actively avoid even reading about it, let alone continue to investigate? Much safer to leave it to “faith”.

Isn’t it weird that there’s entire disciplines devoted to healing, happiness, contentment, and bettering ourselves and the world around us – yet the majority of society views such things with suspicion and contempt?

Then again, there have always been closed minds, especially to science which might have a radical outcome and threaten existing mindsets.

Sadly, society tells us that celebrities and spectator sports are much more deserving of our attention.

If you’d told someone in 1900 that you’d be able to read these words anywhere in the world using a watch on your wrist, and instantly have a video call with me – they’d think you were mad. But here we are – this is our reality. At the very least, in 2015 we should be keeping an open mind about everything, no matter how fantastic it might seem.

I’ll be summarising/reviewing some of the more scientific books as I get through them. In the meantime – please try to avoid the trap of thinking there’s no science behind it all, because there is.


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